This tutorial is to help you make a ponytail streamer bow. This is simply a guide on how to make these. Please remember that there is no “right or wrong” way to make these. Please feel free to follow my instructions and then modify these as you see fit.

Basic Tools/Supplies:

Hot glue gun
Crochet Thread
Creasing Tool (see bottom for details)*
Ribbon (cut in ˝ yd pieces plus a small piece of 3/8” for center)
Ponytail Holder
7/8" Cover Button (optional) *Covered Buttons available in "Supplies" Section
Ribbons used in this tutorial:
2 pcs 1.5” ribbons (˝ yd each)
3 pcs 7/8” ribbons (˝ yd each)
2 pcs 3/8” ribbons (˝ yd each)
**(For your convenience, we offer Pony-O kits that contain the ribbons, ponytail band, covered button, etc.  Please check our "DIY Kits" section for these supplies)
Step 1:  Lay out your ribbons in a "criss-cross" fashion on a flat surface (Fig 1-3)
           Fig  1                   Fig 2                     Fig 3
Step 2:  Carefully sew down the middle (either needle/thread or machine).  See Fig. 4 (Note:  It is not necessary to use a sewing machine.  This step is simply to help  secure the ribbons).
Fig 4
Step 3:  Using a creasing tool*, crease the middle of the streamers. (Fig 5-8)
          Fig 5                     Fig 6                     Fig 7
             Fig 8
Step 6: Using your hot glue gun, place a generous dot of hot glue on the back center and place your ponytail holder on top of glue. Hold the ponytail holder in place until glue slightly cools and the ponytail holder is fixed in place. (Fig 9-10)
             Fig. 9                                     Fig. 10
Step 7: For extra security, wrap some crochet thread around the streamer and ponytail holder and tie off. (Fig. 11)
 Fig. 11
Step 8: Using your small piece of 3/8” ribbon, thread through the button shank. You may want to cut one end of your 3/8” ribbon at an angle and fold ribbon in half to help thread easier. (Fig. 12-13)
                Fig. 12                                Fig. 13
Step 9: Place a generous dot of glue to the top center of streamer and place covered button on top. Press down on button and hold in place until hot glue slightly cools and button holds. (Fig 14-15)
                  Fig. 14                                Fig. 15
Step 10: Place a small amount of hot glue to the back center where the ponytail holder is glued. Wrap one end of the 3/8” piece of ribbon around to the back and overlap on top of the ponytail holder and glue. Allow a few seconds to cool and hold. Cut off excess 3/8” ribbon piece that was just glued. Repeat this step for the other end of the 3/8” ribbon. (Fig 16-17)
                Fig 16                                  Fig. 17

Step 11: Cut streamer ends at an angle. You can alternate the angles of these ribbons.  (Fig 18-19) You can also cut your streamers and various lengths for a layered look.

Step 12: Seal ends by gently brushing the ends with the flame of a lighter. (Fig 20-21)
               Fig. 18                                 Fig. 19
                 Fig. 20                                    Fig. 21

Congradulations! You have just made a pony-o streamer bow!

The creasing tool that was used in this tutorial is called a Gator Bite and can be purchased at This is definately one of my best hairbow-making investments! Another less expensive alternative is a large salon clip that you can get from a salon supply store. This is very effective as well.
*Covered Button Sets are available in the "Supplies" section as well as a tutorial on how to make ribbon covered buttons.
If you do not have a sewing machine or creasing tool, you can use a needle/thread. Simply weave needle/thread down the ribbons and gather/crease as you go. I would recommend that you use a very heavy duty thread or perhaps dental floss so that your thread won’t break as you pull to gather the ribbons.

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